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Alkazar Cafe on the first floor of HOPE Alkazar is waiting for you to spend a pleasant time...

Habit, which will activate your emotions for nutrition, one of the 5 basic steps to feeling good, is at Hope Alkazar with Ilker Çağlayan's recipes.

Check out recipes that will stimulate your senses for nutrition, one of the 5 basic steps of feel your all.

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Dilara Akbal

The work of Dilara Akbal, a graduate of Graphic Art and Design, Marmara University, takes her audience on a fun journey through the events she experiences in her mind while sleeping. Believing in the goodness that people who have never met can create when they come together, Dilara emphasizes how small beginnings and interactions can change the world in this work inspired by the efforts of SosyalBen Foundation....

Burak Beceren

Burak Beceren, an illustrator from Istanbul, creatively tells complex stories with only a few elements using simple lines and geometric shapes in his works. Burak's approach is also an ideal example for sustainability. Inspired by Nike's approach to sustainability and Zero Waste, as well as the fun and collective work of Onaranlar Kulübü (the Fixers' Club) that encourages restoring instead of throwing away, this work describes how we can imagine and reuse objects around us in different ways, just like in our childhood....

Simay Bahçıvan

Studying in Graphic Art and Design, Marmara University, and completes her study in Poland, Simay Bahçıvan believes in the unifying power of movement and designs illustrations in which she combines the stories of ironic and funny utopias with her original humour. Inspired by the diversity of the movement, this work describes the feeling of freedom and being yourself that emerges when people immerse in sports and movement that seems difficult for many people until taking the first step....


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