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We know that you must first feel well and safe to move freely as you like. Therefore, we take the necessary measures in accordance with the regulations of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

To list some of those measures:

Common use areas are rearranged according to social distance rules, and the surfaces and floors in these areas are regularly disinfected.

Due to the physical conditions of the place, mask control continues in the entrance area of HOPE Alkazar. If you forgot your mask or want to change it, you can get a mask from the information desk.

Continuous fresh air circulation through the VFR ventilation system ensures that you breathe fresh air at all times during your visit at HOPE Alkazar.

For the safety of all of us, we invite you to comply with the relevant rules during your visit at HOPE Alkazar and to share your thoughts with us if there is a point you see missing. Welcome to HOPE Alkazar, a stage to move forward!


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