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Gökçe creates a meditative acoustic sound space with the complementary vibration of various instruments and vocal tones during voice journey sessions. The sound frequencies that occur in this space help slow down brain waves and activate the body's self-healing system. The brain waves slow down first to alpha, which is the initial stage of meditation, and then to theta as they slow down even further. At this level, the state of consciousness changes, and the journey begins inward towards the essence through sounds. With this focused attention, energy begins to work on intention. The intention determines the route of the journey. The voice journey sheds light on renewed purpose, creativity, feelings of peace and happiness, while inviting the mind to let go of conditioned and programmed judgment patterns and enter a space of deep relaxation and deep listening.

We are experiencing a journey toward the essence. The duration of a sound travel session is 50-60 minutes.

I present to you a 10-minute version of this experience.

Preparation: Lie on your back in a quiet and safe area where you will not be disturbed and cover your eyes with tape. Invite your whole body and muscles to relax completely, accompanying the breathing sounds you hear at the beginning (2 times through the nose and exhale through the mouth) and enjoy the effect of the sounds on your mind, body and emotions. Let's shine.

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